Brisbane River corporate cruise packages

Looking for a different venue for your next business meeting?  Why not book a Brisbane River corporate cruise  for your delegates and guests providing them with a unique and refreshing venue.

Away Day Meetings

Recommended for groups of up to 10 maximum
22April08 051CruiseMe provides the ideal alternative venue for that sales meeting, office away day or mini seminar, where your team can genuinely get away from the office!

You have the option of conducting your corporate boat charter either moored, anchored or most popular cruising to view the spectacular sights of the Brisbane River guaranteed to impress even the most jaded executive!!

Catering available – everything from morning tea, light refreshments, lunches, seafood platters or even just a bucket of prawns and beer.  Fully licensed option available.

Even just team building/bonding exercise make it social and fun – a memorable experience
Large companies -small corporate groups –  interdepartmental

Brisbane River Corporate Cruise Options

Communication Cruise
Opposite of great communication is poor communication which equals – Low efficiencies, low morale, low motivation and innovation – who wants that. Get creative and open up in the open air – no better way to communicate than floating around in a non familiar relaxing environment.

Synergise Like never before

Retention Cruise
Lower recruiting, development and compensation costs — Improved turnover, streamlined investments in learning, and more accurate compensation are just a few of the additional benefits.

Be proactive – appreciate your good staff today (before it’s too late)

Teamwork Cruise
Improving engagement and aligning employee goals with organizational strategy drives greater productivity and performance. A great team has no boundaries.

A team of great players or a Great team? Bring them together

Relationship cruise
•    Customers -Interstate/Overseas/local
•    Internal staff  -Interstate/Overseas/local
Cruise up the river/show them Brisbane at its best while improving your relationship and building more trust.feb 07 090

Don’t forget – There is nothing faster than the “Speed of Trust”

Rewards Cruise
Say thanks for a job well done – with a difference, they’ll never forget it. Don’t get too busy to say thanks and forget to make time to celebrate.

Make sure they know how much they mean to you

The Big One – The Third Alternative Cruise
This is focused on brainstorming and sharpening the saw. For this cruise you have an option of booking a skipper (with a difference) – 25 years of various Sales/Marketing business experience. Discuss issues/ideas/concepts confidentially and gain a totally outside the square opinion.
Don’t forget the definition of Insanity – “Doing the same thing the same way and expecting a different result?”

Differentiation and Innovation is the key to continued success – “try something different”